How To Use a Content Marketing Calendar for Blog Posts

Oftentimes the hardest part of writing a blog isn’t the actual writing part at all, it’s everything else that goes along with it- brainstorming topics, determining target audience and keywords, scheduling, and optimizing. A content marketing calendar for blog posts takes the guesswork out of the process, so when you sit down to write, you have the hard part out of the way. It serves as an invaluable tool to not only writer, but also other key stakeholders. Sharing your calendar with anyone that wants to be in the know keeps your team on the same page and gives others visibility into the progress in realtime.

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Telling Your Brand Story: 6 Questions to Ask Yourself

The task of drilling your company's story down to a clear statement or idea is difficult, especially for those that have been conducting business without one for some time. When we ask our clients to tell us their story, it's shocking how many simply can't do it. They know their business. They know their customers. They know the technology and the market. But they simply can't put it into a well-formulated, concise statement that makes sense to the outside world.

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10 Email Marketing Best Practices

Email is inevitably an integral part of your marketing strategy. But are you getting the most out of your emails? Before you hit send on your next email campaign, check to make sure you are following these email marketing best practices to increase open and click-through rates.

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Quick tips to updating your Professional Profile

Whether you’re looking for a new job or just looking to grow your business, it’s always a good time for you to refresh your professional profile. A bio speaks about your reputation, attributes, expertise, and background.  When creating a professional profile, it can be difficult to talk yourself up or even describe yourself on paper.  Below is short list of tips to help improve your bio or to even get you started right out the door.

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Getting the Most out of Your Content: The Rule of 5

You’ve invested a lot of time or money into creating new content, so why not get the most mileage out of each piece. Get creative with your content and aim to use each piece 5 different ways. Here are a few ideas for putting a fresh spin on the great content you already have.

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Meet My Content Bar: The Affordable Way to Kick Start Your Marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be an all or nothing game. My Content Bar is here to help. We launched My Content Bar because we understand that not every company is ready to invest in a full on marketing strategy (although, we can help with that when you’re ready). A My Content Bar subscription gives you exclusive access to expertly written, technology-specific marketing content to fuel your marketing efforts without breaking the bank.

Here are 5 ways you can start engaging your leads today with a My Content Bar subscription.

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8 Killer Ways to Promote Your Whitepaper

We write a lot of content for our clients. Whether it’s as simple as a blog post, or more in-depth pieces like eBooks or whitepapers, the same question always comes up after we deliver the final product.

“What do we do now?”

Here are 8 tips, tricks, and strategies for marketing and promoting your whitepaper to gather more leads: 

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Punxutawney Phil Says 6 More Weeks of Productivity!

Well, good ole' Punxutawney Phil saw his shadow on Thursday morning, which means another six weeks of winter (allegedly). But don't let those winter blues get you down! This simply means you've got six weeks of kicking ass left before the urge to get outside and enjoy the sunshine will lure you away from your ever-growing task list.

I like to use this time of year to reorganize, recalibrate, and restructure my chaotic world.

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"Me Too" Marketing Is Lazy - Focus on Your Business Strategy

"Me Too" Marketing seems to be the standard in a lot of industries, and telecommunications is no exception. Take away all the logos and product names, and it's almost impossible to tell companies apart. Product messages and value props are virtually interchangeable, resulting in a boring, lazy approach to marketing your business.

Jay Acunzo, VP of NextView and Content Creator for, recently published "Dear Marketing Leaders: Content Creators Are Not Your Line Cooks" which explores the negative effect of treating content creators as glorified ticket fulfillment system. As an agency owner, the post got me thinking about how clients tend to interact with not only content creators, but marketing agencies as a whole.

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Our 5 Key Takeaways from Channel Connect 2016

Intelisys’s Channel Connect is always a great networking event to share best practices and learn about the latest technology and industry trends. This year was the biggest Channel Connect yet and was no exception. Here are our top takeaways from this year:

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